Four Gorgeous Colour Schemes For Your Garden

Four Gorgeous Colour Schemes For Your Garden


Beautiful muted tones providing lighter colours as your dominant shades to be accessorised with gorgeous neutral deeper shades. 

1076-2 Ash - a light, neutral, veiled beige with a red undertone
1148-6 Vining Ivy - a deep, shaded, Caribbean aqua with a turquoise undertone
16-31 Rich Clay - a dark, muted, apricot orange with a cinnamon undertone. 
1059-4 Parfait - a midtone, shaded, spiced pink with a Sedona red-rock undertone. 
1011-7 Onyx - a dark, cool, serious black with a stone undertone. 

English Garden

A collection of colours based on a gorgeous, english garden abundant with stunning floral displays!

1043-3 Wayward Winds a soft, neutral, delicate purple with an amethyst undertone.
1188-4 Salmon Pink a soft, pure, coral pink with a raspberry undertone. 
1203-5 Zing a saturated, pure, candy corn orange with a golden sunshine undertone. 
1176-6 Mirabella a deep, muted, pretty peony purple with a grape juice undertone
1130-5 Pear Cactus a saturated subdued, mature green with a holly undertone. 


With inspiration taken from the things around us, these gorgeous earthy tones are a great way to channel the calm and the beauty of the outdoors!

1129-4 Coastal Crush - a midtone, shaded, mature green with a holly undertone
1074-3 Bermuda Sand - a soft, shaded, veiled beige with a red undertone
1068-5 Terrazzo Tan - a saturated, muted, rusty orange with a copper undertone. 
1062-7 Warm Wassail - a dark, shaded, ginger brown with a persimmon undertone. 
1128-7 Castle Stone - a dark, neutral, mature green with a holly undertone. 


A beachy inspired design providing soft tones and a clean aesthetic!

1075-3 Casual Elegance - a soft, neutral, taupe beige with a pink undertone
1152-3 Graceful - a soft, subdued, arctic blue with a twilight undertone
1150-5 Acapulco Cliffs - a saturated, muted, marine aqua blue with a gorgeous deep-water undertone. 
1037-5 Night Rendezvous - a saturated grey, stormy blue with a navy undertone.  
1037-7 Witchcraft - a dark, cool, stormy black with a navy undertone.

What To Do Next?

If any of these gorgeous schemes or shades seem like the perfect option for your exterior project then next step is to work out which of our exterior products you will need! Its a good job we've written up a blog on this very topic here! If you already know which paint finish you need then just hop over to our colour match version of the product and type the colour name and number from above into the colour match box!


Happy Decorating! xoxo


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