Didn't think you could wallpaper in a bathroom or kitchen? We'll show you how!

Didn't think you could wallpaper in a bathroom or kitchen? We'll show you how!

Our Top Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Bathrooms and WCs are often the smaller rooms in our home, meaning the space can be limited when it comes to adding decorative accessories. Using wallpaper in these spaces allows you to shower (see what I did there?) your bathroom with character & texture! Natural textures and bold prints work particularly well in bathrooms - depending on your personal taste you could go for stony textures or bare plaster effects to create a calming home spa feel, or you could opt for a bolder style, like a jungle wallpaper bursting with lush plants and wild animals to transport you to the tropics!


Create your own at-home Spa with a bare plaster effect bathroom wallpaper

A natural texture wallpaper like our Plaster Effect Wallpaper creates a warm and calming ambience, especially when paired with relaxing scents and twinkling candles! This super versatile wallpaper would also elevate an industrial decor style, due to its authentic aged appearance. This wallpaper comes in three stunning plaster shades: chalk grey, light grey and blush pink; so whether your aesthetic is clean and monochromatic with black & white accents, or cosy and enveloping with pinks & warm neutrals, this bathroom wallpaper will lend itself beautifully to your scheme.




Breathe life into your bathroom areas with tropical wallpaper featuring lush greenery

Why not embrace your inner Global Nomad and create a bathroom space that transports you somewhere exotic? One of my favourite things about tropical wallpaper styles is that they can be so eye catching and detailed, without being too busy on the eye. Although the bolder styles also look incredible in bathrooms, some may feel that they add a little too much visual clutter, which doesn’t make for a relaxing environment! Our Antigua Palm Wallpaper is the perfect balance of striking and calm, featuring large palm leaves that look almost as if they’re dancing in a gentle sea breeze. This stunning tropical wallpaper comes in a choice of green, pink & ochre or blue, making it suitable for all aesthetics. Apply this wallpaper through the entire bathroom for a true escape, or create an eye catching feature wall - our Bold Boho and Earthy paint colour collections would complement this style beautifully.




If you’re looking for a tropical wallpaper with a maximalist twist, look no further than our Wonderland Jungle Wallpaper! This one is a DCO favourite (we even have it on our office walls!); boasting exotic botanical foliage and quirky jungle animals, including Toucans in bow-ties and some very regal looking Parrots with crowns on their heads. This whimsical jungle wallpaper comes in four bold colourways: Charcoal, metallic gold, plum and ochre. Pairing this style with rich colours such as our Bold Boho colour collection would add depth & character, or our Earthy & Neutral paint colours would lift and balance the space.




Our favourite Kitchen wallpaper ideas

If your kitchen decor is feeling a little stale, it’s all too easy to stress yourself out thinking about renovation costs… but don’t remortgage just yet! We’re massive advocates of making the most of what you’ve got (check out our Kitchen cupboard upcycle Blog!) so we know first hand that it’s much more achievable, and cost effective, to refresh your kitchen than you may think. Using wallpaper will inject immediate colour & personality into your kitchen; you can use it throughout the entire space for maximum impact, or as a feature wall to create a striking backdrop for a dining table, breakfast bar or home bar area. 

Just like with bathrooms, 3D texture wallpapers and bold patterns work particularly well in kitchens; when you have your units breaking the space up it gives you so much more room to go bolder! These styles are also fantastic for kitchen feature walls since our kitchens can sometimes feel unbalanced; with the units often located to one side of the room, and an empty wall on the other. By adding a bold or textured wallpaper to the empty wall, this restores the visual weight in the space, making it feel much more balanced! 

Natural texture kitchen wallpaper styles to elevate and add character

Our favourite natural textures for kitchens are stony textures such as marble, concrete and brick. If you’d like your kitchen to have a crisp, high end appearance, marble wallpaper is a fantastic way to complete your luxury kitchen aesthetic. Industrial kitchen decor and shaker kitchen design are also still hugely popular - styles that include organic mineral textures and natural brick effects are a surefire way to maximise your kitchen decor with ease! Our Elgon Concrete Textured Wallpaper is a stunning distressed mineral wallpaper, featuring a shimmering grainy appearance with soft marbled colours throughout, making it rustic yet warm & inviting. With five colourways available, from neutral hues to bold burgundy and teal, this eye-catching design can be used in soft, organic colour schemes or impactful industrial designs. 




For a luxurious natural marble wallpaper design with a hint of glam, our Semper Marble Metallic Wallpaper ticks all of the boxes! It is a unique and contemporary twist on marble wallpaper, with natural mineral veins running throughout and metallic highlights that look like crystal deposits. This sophisticated style comes in a choice of silver, gold, amber or teal & gold, so will complement any kitchen aesthetic perfectly.




For a natural texture wallpaper with a little more structure, how about a brick effect wallpaper? Our Durham Brick Industrial Wallpaper is a super realistic 3D wallpaper with incredibly intricate details - we love it so much we named it after our home County, since it ties in so beautifully with Durham’s industrial heritage! It is textured to the touch and has also been printed with shadow techniques that give it extra depth & dimension. This stunning textured 3D wallpaper comes in three colour ways to suit all kitchen aesthetics: Red, Grey or Blue.




Still in need of a little more inspo?

We have tons of home decor inspiration on our Instagram and Pinterest pages and you can always contact us, whether you have any product related queries, or even if you would simply like a second opinion on your colour options!

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