Colour Of The Year 2022 - Our Definitive Guide To This Years Hottest Interior Design Trends

Colour Of The Year 2022 - Our Definitive Guide To This Years Hottest Interior Design Trends

This year, we’re all for colours that make you feel good.

We know what you’re thinking. You’ve just processed 2021 and bam it’s 2022. How did that happen… The good news is that 2022 is the year of you. Of doing things that make you feel good; that lift you up and create good vibes throughout. And what better way to do that, than decorating your home with colours that make you feel good.

We have three collections to put your way. Our Colours of the Year are designed to inspire you. So if they do, please tag us @decoratingcentreonline - we love to see your transformations!


Collection 1 - Wellness Rising 

It’s been a huge influence since 2020 started. So it’s unsurprising that wellness is making its way into the interior design space - and we are here for it! Whether you WFH or have been going to the office, we all need spaces in our homes that makes us feel at ease. Places that recharge us and leave us feeling calmer and more centred.



If you love a neutral palette, then this collection will have something for you. Five fresh, clean colours. Perfect if you want to break from the past, and start new. 


If you’re looking for a light but warm grey, Retreat has a beautiful pearly undertone, adding glimmers of hope to your walls. Or use it on a ceiling to make your space feel bigger, yet cosy.


If you want to introduce some gentle colour into your space, deep breath is a lovely soft grey with mint green undertones. 


We’re very grateful for this gorgeous green grey and its ivy undertones. If you want to bring a sense of the outside in, while still maintaining a cosy, homely feel, then Gratitude is for you. 




Take a minute to stop and contemplate how this would look in your home. A grey, true blue, it has a calming influence, making it ideal for rooms you unwind in, or perhaps spaces that are the most busy. 


Mindset is a soft, grey, arctic blue with a twilight undertone. It is the perfect paint colour to make a statement in a living room. 


Collection 2 - Entirely Earthy

Our second collection has been inspired by natural colours and textures. They’ve all been chosen for their ability to re-energise a room. If you, or your home needs an uplift, look no further. 




Colours we find in nature are thought to have a psychological benefit. Either way, these warm, earthy tones can create breathtaking backdrops. Influenced by the earth, this collection is a way to reconnect with nature from your own home. 


This light, grey taupe has a pink undertone, reminiscent of the sunlight that peaks through the phenomenon of inverted clouds. It’s a solid choice of base colour for anyroom. 


If you’re looking for a warmer tone still, Stay Grounded is a soft peachy paige that has a brown undertone. It’s the perfect statement-neutral in our opinion. 


A colour inspired by what remains one of the favourite house decorations around; Dried Pampas is a midtone, neutral, camo yellow set with an olive undertone.


If you’re wanting a more rustic feeling to your room, might we suggest Morning Sun. This muted midtone rusty orange has a copper undertone; that we think brings the feeling of morning sun inside. 


A ginger orange with persimmon undertones, this is a grand choice if you want a deeper rustic colour. 


Collection 3 - Bold Boho

Which room is the jewel of your home? You could make it stand out all the more with a colour from our Bold Boho collection. These are winners if you’re looking to express your creative side and reflect a love of deep colour. So if that’s what you love, then take this trend up, and decorate for you. 



Despite their dark appearance, these colours bring vibrancy into a space. They’re solid colour choices. All incredibly down to earth, while remaining effortlessly chic. With the right fabrics and decorative elements, they can transform a room into a truly stunning space.


Rock Slide is a midtone, grey, teddy bear beige with a taupe undertone. It is a perfect paint colour for an exterior or interior to add drama to living spaces. Pair it with navy or black trim


This pink will make you wink. Muted with subtle rose tones, it’s incredibly warm and inviting. 




A deep grey with an oaky undertone. Tea Leaves goes with everything, making it a great future colour choice.


Turquoise undertones give this dark shade an illuminating finish that looks great in all lighting.


This sweet choice creates a mysterious vibe. A deep, dark grey, it’s moody undertones set the mood for your interior.

Finishing off the look

We’re big believers in choice at DCO, which is why each colour is available in three different finishes. Which brings up the question, which do I go for? 

Matt Finish 

If you have any imperfections on your wall, matt does a great job of hiding them. It has great covering power and is easy to work with. Thanks to its modern flat finish, matt tends to be the most popular choice. 

Hardwearing/Acrylic Durable Matt 

If you’re decorating a kitchen, hallways or anywhere pets or children are going to be - this would be our choice. The paint is tough and durable - perfect for high traffic areas.  It mirrors the popular flat finish of standard matt, but has the added benefit of a class 1 scrub rating. Another bonus is that you can use this paint on your woodwork too with the right primer.

Hardwearing Acrylic Eggshell 

The main difference here is that it has a beautiful soft sheen finish of approximately 15-18%, giving it light reflecting properties for a room. It also has class 1 scrub rating, giving you the ultimate cleaning power for your walls. This paint is also moisture and stain resisting, making it a great choice for a bathroom. 


Wellness Rising, Entirely Earthy and Bold Boho. Three curated collections, three different vibes, but so much potential. Ready to go? You can shop the whole collection here

Undecided? You can try out your chosen colour for real with our generously sized 350ml tester pots. If you’re stuck for choice or needing information about the finish (or anything else for that matter), we’ll be answering questions across our socials, and as always our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

Last but not least, when you make your transformation please remember to tag us @decoratingcentreonline - happy decorating!