Our Favourite Products To Use When Painting Panelling

Our Favourite Products To Use When Painting Panelling

So it goes without saying that panelling is a huge trend that isn’t going anywhere! So here is a quick round up of some of our best rated products for a truly professional finish when painting panelling.


Zinsser Bullseye 123 and Tikkurila Helmi Primer

It's all in the prime! MDF is a really porous surface and without a prime you can end up with a really uneven and poor quality finish. The Acrylic Primer Undercoat and Joncryl are really fantastic products from Leyland Trade and Johnstone’s Trade however the Bullseye123 primer from Zinsser and the Helmi Primer from Tikkurila really are a step above the rest to ensure a beautifully prepped surface and can both be tinted to help build coverage for your top coats. Finally both of these products are waterbased and work really well through a sprayer due to their low viscosity. (As always, ensure you’re sanding, filling and preparing your panels thoroughly too and not just relying on your primer!).



Tikkurila Helmi

The Helmi is a waterbased paint suitable for interior surfaces. It's a really popular choice when painting panelling due to its low viscosity meaning it works flawlessly through your airless sprayer, it has excellent self levelling properties and also its scrubbable nature! Its got fantastic opacity meaning it builds well in coverage without needing lots of coats to achieve your desired finish. It comes in a Matt (10), Satin (30) and Gloss (80) finish providing choice and also is available from 250ml size up to 3L meaning you can test it out first before committing to it.




Zinsser All Coat

Another firm favourite of ours due to it being suitable for use on practically any substrate both interior and exterior. If you’re painting more than just the panelling (such as the radiators, windows, uPVC etc) then this works out as a really fantastic choice to get value for money. Again this is a low viscosity paint finish making it a great choice if you’re spraying the panelling with an airless sprayer and it has its class 1 scrub rating meaning it's tough and durable. Its available in a Matt, Satin or Gloss finish with the option to be tinted to any shade in all sizes 1L, 2.5L and 5L.




Johnstone’s Acrylic Durable

The Acrylic Durable Eggshell and Matt from Johnstone’s are both fantastic paint finishes offering a class 1 scrub rating and suitable for use on walls and woodwork in interior environments. Price per litre this is your best choice out of the three products, especially if the same colour is being used on the panelling then throughout the rest of the room so a standard emulsion would suffice. Again they’re tintable to any colour and available in 2.5L and 5L sizes. 




We have so many other products that would fit the bill for panelling but when asked for our top recommendations these are always our go-to’s!

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