10 DIY Tasks for the bank holiday weekend

10 DIY Tasks for the bank holiday weekend

There’s a bank holiday on the horizon, which can only mean one thing… Project time. Decorating Centre Online has long been known as the ultimate bank holiday companion, and we love seeing what you’re all getting geared up to do in the house with your time off. 

Whenever we’re doing a tutorial, one of the most asked questions is “how long will it take?”. So we thought, let’s help you plan your bank holiday plans by setting out different DIY projects by the time they take. 

Between (fingers crossed!) BBQing and painting, the upcoming four days off are a prime opportunity to finally do that thing you’ve been meaning to.

Still deciding what job you’d like to tick off your list? Let us inspire you!

We’ve got some great project ideas based on how much time you have. And don’t worry, with each time scale, we’ve allowed plenty of time for BBQs and chocolate (because what else are you going to do while that paint dries?!). The great British Weather is unpredictable at best, but whether it’s rain or shine, here’s our favourite bank holiday projects for both in and outside the house…


Projects you can do in a weekend

If you’re someone who likes to make the most, why not tackle a bigger job that you can do in a weekend while we have the luxury of four glorious days off? A weekend is plenty of time to take on a challenge, or get a couple of jobs ticked off in one go. 

Full room transformation 

A weekend is more than enough time to completely transform a room. The thing that takes the most time with this level of project, is deciding the look you want to go for. If you’re stuck for inspo, why not check out our Pinterest page?


@betterlivinghere - Designer colourmatch NTB292 and NTB298


Kitchen cupboards

Ready to get the kitchen of your dreams? Upcycling your kitchen for a fresh look isn’t as hard as you think. Depending on the size of your kitchen, it can be a little time consuming. And yes, the worst part is probably in the preparation and making sure you’ve got those cupboard doors clean and completely grease free! However with the right tools for the job, this project can be easy - just add some elbow grease! If you’d like a bit more insight into upcycling your kitchen cupboards, check out our blog with @togged_at_the_bricks - her kitchen transformation is amazing!


Before and After - @togged_to_the_bricks - PPG1125-6


Wall panelling

Why not use your bank holiday to add this trend to your home? Wall panelling is so in vogue right now, and we can’t see it going anywhere. (Ps. want to achieve the look without getting out the saw? We have some gorgeous wallpapers to help you cheat the wall panelling look right here)

@__insidelaurasludlow - Panels painted designer colourmatch NTB201


Projects you can do in a day 

If you’ve got a day in mind you’re looking to set aside to work on the house, then there’s some amazing projects you could be ticking off your list. 

Front Door 

Why not up your curb appeal and stand out amongst your neighbours by adding a gorgeous pop of colour to your front door? A front door transformation is super easy to do - however be warned, there are some rookie errors you can make (like getting yourself locked out!), so if this is something you’re going to try, make sure you know the order in which to start. 




Wallpaper that downstairs loo

If you want to use the bank holiday to add a little extra personality to your home, how about adding some new wallpaper to your downstairs loo? This space is a great place to impress guests and experiment with your design choices. Bold wallpapers really sing in this sort of space. 


@ourhooseno8 - Metallic Peacock Wallpaper Navy & Gold


Garden fence

Why not make the neighbours jealous by giving your garden fence a glow up this bank holiday? We have the perfect products in stock for this - and some truly gorgeous colours. 


@aimeegreen_xx - Designer Colourmatch NTB5


Garden furniture 

A day is all you need to give your garden furniture an upcycle to create a totally new look for this year’s BBQ area! With it being an extra long bank holiday, you could spend one day upcycling and three days enjoying the fruits of your labour too! 


@aroundthepottingtable - Exterior Designer Colourmatch NTB25


Projects you can do in half a day

If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of social plans for the bank holiday, then fear not! There’s still some odd jobs you can get done in the house that don’t take more than half a day. 


Painting your radiators is a great project for the bank holiday. It has a big impact on your room with a minimum time investment. Adding a contrasting colour or painting your radiators to tie in with the rest of the room’s colour scheme really elevates your interior and shows you’re a HomeStyler that doesn’t forget the details! 


@bowdenandbowsley - NTB31


Colour block 

We love colour blocking! It’s a trend that just keeps evolving, and one that you can make as small or detailed as you like. If you only have half a day, adding some colour and shapes to your walls is an easy way to give the room some extra personality. We really love colour blocking for enhancing a feature of the room or for framing a piece of furniture. 


@no5ishome - Colour of the Year 2022: Gypsy Beads


Skirting boards

They might be on the bottom of the wall, but they shouldn’t be at the bottom of your DIY list. Skirting boards should only need to be looked at every 5-10 years. So if your skirting boards are fading, yellowing or in need of some TLC, why not tick them off this bank holiday so you can enjoy the results for the rest of the year? 




Other things to factor into your bank holiday plans: Eating Mini Eggs, seeing friends and family, and hopefully a BBQ or three! 

Whatever you’re up to, we hope you enjoy it - and if you’re decorating with us this bank holiday please give us a tag on social. We love to see what projects people are taking and how they turn out! 

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