Botanical Wallpaper

Adding a touch of nature to your home has never looked so stylish, and with our fabulous range of botanical wallpapers whether you prefer bold prints or delicate florals, we have something to suit every interior style.

Capture the beauty of the great outdoors and bring it indoors with one of our captivating and whimsical botanical wallpapers. 

Proving to be an interior trend that is here to stay, our botanical prints have everything from delicate florals, whimsical trees and punchy coloured leaves. These beautifully illustrated designs are the perfect way to let nature inspire your interiors, whether you are looking to brighten up the kitchen with a stylish floral design, such as the Oliana Floral Soft Teal Wallpaper or bringing a beautiful air of sophistication to the living room with a vintage botanical wallpaper like the Botanical Living Wall Crimson Wallpaper, we have something to suit every room in your home. 

With there versatile ability to create statement eye catching feature walls, or be displayed throughout an entire room, we are confident that you’ll easily find something from our botanical wallpapers uk that will get your interiors feeling energized and full of life. Ideal for using as a backdrop for your real-life house plants, creating depth and drama, we also love our range of subtle and more modern botanical wallpaper to help you relax and unwind at the end of a busy day!

Not sure which botanical print is going to suit your interior style? Why not try out a few samples first, and get a feel of this magnificant colours and designs in your home. 

  1. Wonderland Jungle Wallpaper
    Wonderland Jungle Wallpaper
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