The Great (Lockdown) Escape - Guest Blog by Claire Douglas | @instahome_uk
The Great (Lockdown) Escape - Guest Blog by Claire Douglas | @instahome_uk

About My Project

There is nothing like a change of scenery to beat those lockdown blues – and this past year, we’ve certainly suffered from a bit of cabin fever staring at the same four walls day in, day out, with little escape.

I have been working from home using my bedroom as my new home office which I decided was neither inspiring nor relaxing come bedtime.

So I decided if Muhammad can’t go to the mountains, the mountains would come to Muhammad. Or me in this case. After creating some mood boards and deciding on the colours, I designed a calm, relaxing and romantic sanctuary with mountain view wall murals.

Creating The Look

I plotted out the layers of the mountains by hand marking the walls with chalk and plumped for a colour gradient starting with the dark lead grey with blue undertones (DCO26), through muted dusky pink (DCO295) ending in palest grey pink (DCO286) from The Decorating Centre Online, blending the gradient shades myself to create the ombre effect. 

I painted the wall panelling on two of the walls with the soft dusky pink and in order to contrast with the black frame of my bed and painted the panelling on the main wall in a pale grey (DCO241).

I added some detail to the mountains to create depth and finally painted the door and architrave in the pale grey pink to continue the soft relaxing feel.

My new four-poster bed was perfect to create that indulgent feeling of escapism, its bold black frame contrasting perfectly with the soft romantic pinks and greys. 

It’s amazing how you can escape to anywhere with a little imagine - even on a small budget!