2 Staycation Decorating Ideas for Any Budget | Decorating Centre Online
2 Staycation Decorating Ideas for Any Budget | Decorating Centre Online

" Staycations are the new vacation. Have a holiday from home with DCO"

2 Staycation Ideas for Any Budget| Decorating Centre Online

With so many people unable to get away this year we’ve seen loads of creative ways customers have brought holidays home with staycation décor. These vibrant spaces look fantastic and don’t have to cost the earth, we’ve pulled together some inspirational rooms and mood boards to help you create your own staycation! 



Bali Beach Vibes

Creating a paradise from home, lush exotic wallpapers are a perfect way of bringing the relaxing feel of a sunny beach holiday into your home. 


South Beach Exotic Palm Leaf Wallpaper Navy Blue £9.99 per roll | Decorating Centre Online 


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Pair this these bold wallpapers with a light grey/neutral-toned paint or even a bold navy blue for a balanced look. Don’t forget to use silver accessories to bring out the subtle metallic shimmer too. 

Top Tip : If your worried about wallpapering or have limited experience, you might want to opt for a paste the wall wallpaper, which can be much easier and quicker to hang. Look out for the paste the wall symbol to identify them. Fodetailed guidance on wallpaper symbols, click here. 





Discover Ibiza with a sprinkling of glitter. Bring stunning nights into your home with a pop of glitz and glamour.

Glittery wallpapers are a brilliant way of adding that touch of glam into your spaces. The Luxury Sparkle Glitter Wallpaper features a heavy glitter effect, creating a beautiful light-reflecting surface. Just like the South Beach Exotic Palm leaf wallpaper, the Luxury Sparkle Glitter Wallpaper is also paste-the-wall.

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Glitter wallpaper can be paired with a wide variety of paint colours, however, I would recommend using metallic accessories to bring out the shimmering surface.


TOP TIP: Pick out secondary colours in the wallpaper you’ve chosen to get a perfect paint pair!


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