Pick The Right Rust-Oleum For Your Surface
Pick The Right Rust-Oleum For Your Surface

So you’ve probably heard me mentioning the Rust-Oleum range of paint quite a lot if you follow us on socials, however I’ve never really gotten around to writing up a blog on the benefits of this newer paint brand to hit the market! 

Rust-Oleum isn’t a new paint brand, it's been around for years...100 years to be exact and as a business they tackled specialist paint products to fix troublesome issues with rust-preventative paint being their very first back in 1921. They are a global leader in manufacturing innovative coatings and fall under the same parent company that our favourites Zinsser do (Tor Coatings) so you know I’m going to absolutely love what they do!




I’ve been using Rust-Oleum for years since their launch of chalky finish furniture paint, especially in the height of the ‘distressed effect’ furniture trend in 2016/2017 and I love that the team at Rust-Oleum have built upon this fantastic product to create a simpler way of shopping for paint. 

They have launched 8 products into their range over the past year meaning that they have a paint for every surface in a gorgeous selection of 110 colours! Even better, they have launched sample sachets for you to be able to accurately test their 110 colours at home before you buy! 

Let's take a look at each of their paints!

Chalky Wall:

Up first is their Chalky Finish Wall paint. We get so many requests for a flat chalky effect emulsion (similar to some designer brands you may know!) but a chalky emulsion that is cleanable...that's something completely new! The tins come in 2.5L size which is approximately 25/30m2 coverage and it has a Class 1 scrub rating meaning that its highly durable and stain resistant! The gorgeous chalky matt finish is highly pigmented for deep colour meaning it doesn’t need coat after coat and can be used on plaster, brick or concrete directly!



Kitchen Cupboard Paint:

They then launched their Kitchen Cupboard paint which is a flat matt finish that is soft to touch yet hard-wearing enough to handle regular wipe-downs of splashes and splatters. It is suitable for use straight on to wood and melamine surfaces without the need for a primer and has exceptional coverage. It’s 750ml tin size has approximately 5.25m2 coverage and is recoatable after 4 hours. We have a handy youtube video with more steps on transforming your kitchen using this fantastic product! 




Matt Furniture Paint:

After their original Chalky Furniture Paint’s success it's not surprising that Rust-Oleum brought out a matt finish Furniture Paint! Unlike the original it's not intended for a distressed look but for a no-nonsense matt appearance which for interior furniture, doors and trims which is ideal as more and more people are seeking a flat matt finish on their trim! A final benefit of the Matt Furniture Paint is that it's certified toy safe and doesn’t require a primer just a light sand and wash over your furniture before starting! 



Chalky Floor Paint:

Originally Rust-Oleum brought out the floor paint in just three colours and it was so popular we couldn’t keep it in stock! Now being able to order this fantastic product in the full 110 colour range is a game changer! The Chalky Floor paint (as the name suggests!) is a low sheen, chalk finish paint suitable for application on wooden floorboards or concrete flooring built to resist knocks and scratches. It is an interior only product and not suitable for rooms where it would be subject to regular water contact (a bathroom for example!). As with their whole range it's water-based with virtually no odour (incredibly low VOC content!) and highly concentrated for exceptional coverage! 



Chalky Finish Garden Paint:

The Garden Paint in the Rust-Oleum range is an absolutely fabulous garden product suitable for use on so many different surfaces! There is no need to sand, prime, topcoat, wax or varnish the product and it is mould and algae resistant! The fabulous smooth matt finish is scrubbable and washable and will last through many seasons (6 years performance!) come rain or shine! Its 110 colours are suitable for use on wood, stone, brick, plaster or any suitably primed rigid surface (such as metal or plastic!).



So that's a whistle stop tour of the products (there are other sheen levels in the furniture paint but they feel self explanatory after typing out the Matt so I’ve left those!) and hopefully now you can see a little more why I’m so excited about this product range! They’ve taken the complexity out of paint and added exactly what it does to the title on the can! As for sampling, you can get the useful little sample sachets which cover 30cm area for just 99p in three different paint types to accurately test the colours; chalky wall, kitchen cupboard and then a colour sampler which helps you to check the colour and the finish! They’re posted out with free delivery in a handy little box that fits through your letterbox so you don’t need to be home to receive the package! The task now is to select which of their gorgeous colours to go for!



If there is anything else you want to know about the range drop me a message and I’ll get back to you!