4 Incredible Instagram Interior Looks!
4 Incredible Instagram Interior Looks!


I absolutely love this 'thinking outside of the box' wallpapering the ceiling! The fabulous Solstice wallpaper is the perfect choice to finish this jungle themed playroom for Teddy and by applying it to the ceiling the room remains bright and airy but with a fabulous focal point. A quick way to add a bit of drama to the room (although wallpapering the ceiling can be a bit of a task to master the Solstice is a paste the wallpaper product making it that bit easier!)


I talk about colour blocking a lot at the moment but this gorgeous picture from Soph shows just how impactful a little lick of paint can be. By creating this gorgeous spherical shape above the bed, your eye is drawn to the feature and heart of the room and it's such a quick, cost effective and simple transformation to tackle!


How could I not love this downstairs loo transformation...it incorporates one of my favourite wallpapers of all time the Amur leopard! In all seriousness, a quick do-over project on a room like your downstairs loo can give you such a feeling of accomplishment and its small enough that you can usually tackle it single handedly in less than a day so its a massive win! I love seeing bold, dramatic prints in these rooms as you can get away with much quirkier choices here and your guests will absolutely love having a tinkle there!


Painting your front door is another amazingly quick project that can breathe a new lease of life into the exterior of your home! Frankie's front door transformation is absolutely gorgeous, I am continually trying to persuade Matt to let me do ours in pink but no success so far! So many people can't believe that just a quick lick of paint is all it takes, it's such a cost effective and speedy project with such a huge payoff with the final results!

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