4 Incredible Insta-Worthy Interiors | Decorating Centre Online
4 Incredible Insta-Worthy Interiors | Decorating Centre Online

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4 Incredible Insta-Worthy Interiors

Social Media is such a fantastic source of inspiration and with content provided by a hugely diverse range of contributors, you can now get ideas for literally any space or style. Here are just a few of our recent favourites and how you can re-create the look without spending a fortune! 




@corbycraigresidence⁠ | CorbyCraig Blue & CorbyCraig Grey | Colour Match Paint from £13.99

About this look

There is a huge resurgence in the use of panelling to create a feature wall. It’s proving extremely popular as it’s easy to achieve, inexpensive and can add loads of character to a space. 

Find out more about Craig and his flair for interior design in our IGTV chat about all things interiors, or find Craig on Instagram.

How to create this look:

Step 1:

Decide on the style of your panelling. 

Step 2:

Measure your wall and get MDF cut to the required size for your chosen style (most DIY stores sell and can cut MDF for you) 

Step 3:

Mark guides for where your panelling will be put up. 

Step 4:

Apply panelling to the wall. 

Step 5:

Prep, prime and paint the panelling and wall (you may choose to paint the wall before applying the panelling) 

Detailed Guide(s): For more detailed tutorials, see our Panelling Timelapse on Youtube, or refer to our complete panelling blog.

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Front Door

Replacing exterior doors and windows can be a huge expense, however, advancements in paint technology and the range of colour matching options available from ourselves are changing this. You can now transform the look of your property for less than the cost of a takeaway and it will last for up to 15 years, leaving you plenty of money to do something way more exciting! 



@style.less.home | BS Orchid Pink (04 C 33) | Front Door & Garage Door Bundle | Decorating Centre Online 

How to create this look: 

Step 1:

Prep is hugely important, degrease, thoroughly clean and dry the substrate. If the substrate is flaking or crazing, sand back to a smooth surface beforehand 

Step 2:

Mask-up surrounding areas as necessary and either mask or remove hardware from doors and windows 

Step 3:

Apply first coat (primer coat), allow to dry, then apply second coat (deeper colours or transition from very light to dark or visa versa may need an additional coats 

Our front door & garage door bundle includes everything you need to transform your exterior doors and windows. 


Top Tips: 

  • If painting uPVC, we strongly recommend an additional primer such as Zinsser Bullseye 123 

  • Make sure the weather will be suitable for the duration of the painting and drying times 

  • For best results, build up thinner coats gradually, don’t slap it on! 

  • Use mohair or 100% wool roller for most of the door and cut-in with a brush for the trickier areas. This will help you achieve a smooth finish with no brush marks.

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Detailed Guide: 'Refresh your Front Door with these Simple Tricks'




@home.style.number.50 | Amur Leopard Wallpaper Cream | Decorating Centre Online

About this look: 

We LOVE bold bathrooms! So many of you love the latest trend of bold prints and colours however are nervous to try them in your own home. A bathroom is a fantastic place to give it a go alet's face it, they’re smaller so quicker and cheaper to redecorate and you spend less time in there so it shouldn’t become overwhelming! 

@home.style.number.50 has gone bold with our stunning Amur leopard wallpaper paired with a luscious deep navy and gold accents completely transforming her downstairs loo! 

If wallpaper isn’t your thing then @our_cornish_life  has opted for a stunning dark and moody charcoal tone proving bold is beautiful! 

Wallpaper: Amur Leopard Wallpaper Cream & Colour Match Paint 

How to create this look: 

These looks have all been created with just paint and wallpaper from decoratingcentreonline.co.uk


Top Tip: If your bathroom has poor airflow go for the purpose-designed bathroom paint Perma White which unlike the name suggests can be tinted to any colour! 

Detailed Guide: Take a look at the blog ‘Wallpaper Symbols explained’ for some extra info on choosing the right wallpaper for your bathroom.

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Colour Blocking


@ourmachome | Colour Match Paint | Decorating Centre Online

About this look: 

A new take on feature walls, colour blocking has gained huge popularity over recent months! If can take so many different forms from splitting a wall diagonally, painting an imaginary block headboard or increasing the feature around some of your favourite pictures or ornaments. taken over interiors as the new trend.  

From colour blocking half a wall to paint round picture frames as Kaylee has done above, colour blocking is a great way of adding a pop of colour into your home. 

How to create this look:

Step 1:

as always have a good Instagram and Pinterest browse to gather ideas before selecting your paint colour. Treat colour blocking like a feature wall, ensure your choice here will fully complement the rest of the interior of your room.  

Step 2:

Good masking tape is critical to help achieve those crisp and smooth lines (unless you’re going for a round shape/scalloped edge, this requires a very steady hand! Mask out your design with the pro dec precision edge.  

Step 3:

Paint your area (a roller will help achieve a neater finish by avoiding brush marks)   

Step 4:

Peel away your making tape keeping it at a 90-degree angle. Do this within 6 hours to avoid peeling.  

Look out for our guide on colour blocking coming soon! 


@builtinthe_sixties @builtinthe_sixties | Dark & Moody Woodwork | Decorating Centre Online


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