3 Different Colour Blocking Styles

3 Different Colour Blocking Styles


Just because it’s colour blocking, doesn’t mean it has to be crazy! Or boring for that matter. Gorgeous neutrals also lend themselves to this trend, and the results are gorgeous. They’re a great way of enhancing a space’s natural features and beauty. 

Colour blocking is a great way of giving an area a designated space. Such as marking out the dining area in an open plan kitchen or creating a mirror check moment within a hallway. 

If you’d like to use colour blocking to draw attention to what the area is for, but don’t want it to fight with the other elements of your interior, why not pull out an existing shade from within your colour scheme and colour block with a more subtle colour palette? 


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While neutrals are classic, timeless, and lovely - there’s always space for big pops of colour too; especially within a colour blocked wall. Why not pair a couple of colours and shapes together to frame a key area such as your desk or dressing table? Combined pastels always look good, or another safe bet is choosing different shades of the same colour.



Designer Colourmatches: Yellow is - S 2030-Y20R , Pink - G&B Muted Blush, White - Brilliant White



Another way to create a beautiful colour blocking effect is to run with one key colour and use shapes to amplify its effect. It’s a great way of framing a piece of furniture, such as your bed, dressing table or desk. Accent shapes will give your space more vibrancy. Bonus points if you can pair your soft furnishings with your colour scheme too! 


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